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    Best practice for inventory parameters

    Andrey Gabriel
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      I need somehow a small refresh on that topic, as it been set long time ago when we had just few devices to manage.



      In the Inventory Modules (Custom, Hardware, Security Product Mgt, Security Settings, Software Inventory, etc), they have these settings:



      Update Interval

      Time between updates on the client

      Upload Interval

      Time between sending the inventory to the Master


      Minimum Gap Between Two Upload

      Time when the next upload con be sent to Master after last one


      Now we have about 6'000 devices and some feelings that waiting 7 days (our settings) between two upload it's a bit long and we need to 'normalize' all these uploads.


      ModuleStartup UploadUpdate timeUpload timeMinimum Gap
      Custom InventoryYes00
      Hardware InventoryYes43200 (12h)604800 (7 days)
      Security Product ManagementYes86400 (24h)0
      Security Settings InventoryYes00
      Software InventoryYes43200 (12h)43200 (12h)604800 (7 days)



      I would like to set it all as, so it would be inventoried every 12hours (or even less ie: 8hours) and uploaded to the Master.


      ModuleStartup UploadUpdate timeUpload timeMinimum Gap
      Default module inventory      Yes43200 (12h)43200 (12h)0


      What I should consider as best settings ?


      Best regards everyone



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          Steve Gibbs

          Hi Andrey,


          I would avoid trying to set these inventories from running too frequently especially since only the differential data is uploaded but there is a demand on the system when preforming these various scans. Every 12 hours however is the underlying schedule for the "update" and the "upload" every 24 hours.  I have had some customers that have requested to have their "Power Users" to run inventories just over the weekend because they may be "compiling" code or something else that is either processor of I/O intensive and BCM scans had impacted these processes.


          I will provide you screen shots of what BMC believes is "Best Practices" because these are the defaults used. Remember, anytime you install or remove software you could and in my opinion should run the Op Rule Step to Update/Upload Software inventory as a final step of the Op Rule that is used to install or uninstall software or any other Inventory item.  Custom Inventory is typically always run based on Op Rule Step and on a schedule (once or repeatedly).


          The process by default is to "scan" the local pc at noon and again at midnight with the "upload" processed at midnight (PC Local Time). The concept is to use off peak hours to send the differential data over the network and update the DB at that time. This is true for Several Inventory items.  If a device has been offline for more than 24 hours (turned off or no connectivity to parent device, it will update and upload ASAP once connected.


          Every enterprise may have unique requirements and that is why BCM has such granularity in methods and scheduling of these activities to tailor those items. I had another customer running a large VDI environment and we had to manage the inventory process because there were not enough resources to do a HD scan of ALL these devices at one time.


          Here are the screen shots:


          Other variables in your decision making process are:

          • Bandwidth
          • Age of PC (performance of I/O, processor speed)
          • Power Users vs. Typical Users
          • Workstations acting like Servers
          • Number of devices reporting to Parent on LAN vs. WAN
          • Frequency of CHANGES (updates of Software, Patches, Hardware, etc.)
            • Are the users also Local Admins requiring more visibility of changes for Compliance.


          Great question!

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            Andrey Gabriel

            Bonjour Steve,


            I totaly agree with your answer


            In our site we had added for the Software inventory some folder in included directories, "C:\Program Files,C:\Program Files\Common Files,C:\WINDOWS"


            so like that the software scanning does not go to far away to see if it's some .exe else that recomanded places