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    Issue with upgrading ARS from 9.1.03 001 to 19.08

    Svetoslav Iliev
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      Hi guys,


      We are currently upgrading BMC Remedy from version 9.01.03 to 19.08 but facing the following issue with the 19.08 ARS Instaler. We are getting the message "Unicode Selection is Invalid. Please change the Unicode selection".


      What we have:


      1.Clean install on a new machine of Mid-Tier, AR Server, Remedy Clients, SmartReporting, Atrium Coret, Atrium Integrator,  ITSM, SRM and SLM to version 9.1.03.

      2.Copied the current PROD DB on a separate server. Restore PROD DB and fixed the DB's references.

      3. Manually added the "--unicode" to ar.cfg and armonitor.cfg as we did not ticked the "Unicode" section during the install of 9.1.03.

      4.Everything is working fine until we start the ARS Installer of 19.08 and trying to upgrade. The "Unicode Selection is Invalid. Please change the Unicode selection" pop out (see attached print screen) but we are unable to tick the "Unicode Character String" box in the installation wizard. The String is with faded gray color and not possible to select.



      Any ideas will be appreciated!


      Best Regards,