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    TSCO whitelsit

    Steve Lake
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      I want to include everything as follows









      I want any entry that matches *wan*.*.com where anything that come before wan and after


      what would my string be to do such

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          Kevin Joyce

          Hi Steve,


          There are details in the TSCO product documentation for using a whitelist for the VMware vCenter Extractor Service:




          • Go to the II. Configure the ETL. section
          • select the "advanced properties" section in the first paragraph
          • Expand the "Import filter" in the (Optional) B. Configuring the advanced properties section
          • Use the "To include specific virtual machines (whitelist)" in the Blacklist/Whitelist file path property section
          • Use the example in "Example 2 (Using a regular expression)" for how to create the whitelist file and the string you want to use for the *wan*.*.com systems you want to include in the whitelist.


          If you need further details for how to use the whitelist you may need to log a case with support for additional assistance.


          Thank you,