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    ADDM Host has no relation to the VM machine?

    Alex Genstrom
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      We have a large infrastructure where most of the things are running on vCenter, so virtually. Our ADDM appliances are not an exclusion. What we have:

      • a vCenter - credential exists and working

      • around 80 ESXi hosts - scanned via vCenter credential

      • also we have the credentials to scan the VMs


      Please help me to understand the following:

      I have 2 VMs that has been scanned, both Linux hosts (RH Ent. wiht Oracle DB on it, we call it "Server 1" and our ADDM appliance with CentOS 6, lets call it "Server 2").


      After the complete infrastructure scan it showed up that Server 1 has a relation to its ESXi host:


      when Server 2 doesn't:



      However, knowing on what ESXi host Server 2 should be existing, I went there and checked. Discovery has found the Server 2's Virtual Mavhine for it, but there is no relation between Virtual Machine and the Host.


      Discovered Data looks almost the same for both hosts, so I don't think that the issue is there. I don't see anything wrong from the discovery point of view, or maybe I missed something? Please help me to understand how to relate 2 things that has been fully discovered, but in one case - the relationship present, in other - not present.