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    Anyone configure external email request creation

    Brion Nelson
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      We are on-boarding agencies that come from a Footprints environment that allowed external (unknown users) to submit a ticket via email.


      Use case: unknown@gmail.com sends an email to a set mailbox to let agency know of an illegal dumping they witnessed. Footprints parsed mailbox and generated a ticket (for tracking) and set unknown@gmail as customer so two-way communication could happen in the ticket.


      Moving this agency into an onbmc Remedy 18.05 with multi-tenancy and cannot figure out a way to allow the email in without a CTM:people record. having a record for anyone in the world is impossible and creating an account for the inbound email address sets customer as that account and has no two-way communication with original sender. Has anyone had this need and built any automated way to turn unknown@gmail.com into a CTM:people record (almost like a self registration)?


      Thank you,