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    Smart IT - Rename standard fields ?

    Didier Rincé
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          I'm working with SmartIT 19.02 and I search a way to update Asset standard field on my views.

          I have to rename or hide depending on your solution the Floor field set on AST:Computer System.


          I already try to update the AST:ComputerSystem form but without any success.


           I'm searching all solution even if it's not supported by BMC. If I need to modify the database, it may be an option, just tell me where can I find the label of Floor field.





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          Ganesh Gore

          Floor is AST:Attribute field and hence any changes in the field won't be reflected in smartIT immediately. I think you need to follow few steps sequentially and then remove/re-add field in the AST form. Once it is done you need to restart the SmartIT instance. Please check below article for more information.

          Smart IT - How can I configure custom Status Reason values for Assets so they are available within Smart IT?

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            Didier Rincé



            I finally got a solution (thanks to Sidhdesh from BMC Support):


            • Find the style-smart-it.css file and save it.:)


            • The contents are :

                                       input[field-name ='floor']{display:none;}

                                       span[field-name="floor"] {display:none;}


            •   Make sure you put this file under below location.



            If you already have this file then copy paste above content.


                                 input[field-name ='floor']









            • If you do not have anything under %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/ folder then create folder tenant-custom-res under webapps then create folder 000000000000001 under tenant-custom-res and then put the css file.


            • Restart smart it tomcat services and test again.




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