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    Workload Change Manager Reporting

    David Brenchley
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      We use Workload Change Manager (WCM) with site standards and promotion rules to migrate schedule folders between environments, i.e. DEV to UAT to PROD.


      When a folder is promoted, the GUI dialog allows you to enter an Name, Change ID, etc for the promotion operation. Where is this data captured and how can I see it retrospectively?


      For example, if I want to see all the occasions a particular folder was promoted in the last 6 months, along with the captured Change ID data, how would I do this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi David,


          Until v9.0.00.xxx there used to be a report type 'WCM Request' that would help with what you're after, but in v9.0.18.xxx bmc removed it.

          Maybe you can get this information from the EM database.

          I haven't looked into it in detail but try these tables:


          DEF_WS_HISTORY --> I think this one

          DEF_WS_TABLES  --> and this one will give you what you need