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    Trying to pass oAuth2 token to REST API - getting ARERR 149

    Yuliya Melikhova
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      Hey all!

      We are running 19.08 on our system. I am trying to pass the oAuth2 token as said in documentation: Enabling OAuth authentication by the REST API with Remedy Single Sign-On integrated - Documentation for BMC Remedy Actio… 

      I generated the token succesfully. However, whenever I try to pass it to REST API, I get this error instead of granted access and/or returned information:




              "messageType": "ERROR",

              "messageText": "A user name must be supplied in the control record",

              "messageAppendedText": null,

              "messageNumber": 149




      This is my Postman request and response, I also attached it in case of it being too small to read.

      So what am I doing wrong? I also tried to add my username, add token to Header directly instead of doing it like below and calling api/jwt/loging to no results.