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    Non-person People Profile can't be assigned to any SGP except one

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi all,


      We have the same non-person People Profile on QA and PROD.


      The only discrepancy is that it does not have a login ID, zero permissions, part of zero companies , no unrestricted access, zero SGP's, but has an email address.


      Observations in PROD - The problem we are facing here is - We can assign tickets raised by this non-person People Profile onlt to those support groups which come under a company called "XYZ Greenland". We cannot assign it to any other support group which is a part of another company. This "XYZ Greenland" is one of the two default companies which we include for every people profile, no matter what. What tantalizes us even further more is the fact that we had this capability just fine until few days ago. Clueless as to what changed.


      Observations in QA - In QA, are able to assign it to any company we wish, no issues there. Working perfectly fine.


      I took out a people report of PROD vs QA from User Tool and compared all field by field, all parameters are the same.


      Furthermore, I also checked the User form in both QA and PROD, and they too are the same.


      Would someone kindly offer me some lead in my investigation here.


      Shall be much obliged.


      Thanks in advance for any help provided.





      Edit 1 -> We are operating in a ROD environment v9.1.04 SP02