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    Application Modelling/Maintenance - 11.2/11.3

    Neelam Thakur
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      We use SAAM modelling in 11.2 Discovery instance to create models, however the dynamic nature of the same is currently not meeting our requirement.  Hence we are trying to see if CAM could be the route,


      Other than CAM we are planning for 2 more ways :

      •Static Model

      •Unpublish model approach (SAAM)


      Static Model :   As this approach will not create any BAI so we need to be very clear on what impact it might have, need to involve below teams for their confirmation of impact, if any.

      •Remedy Team

      •Impact analysis update in Remedy Change AR form


      Unpublish model approach (SAAM): This approach will halt on any updates to the application model but need to be clear on the below scenarios


      •What if any component of the application model like host is decommissioned, will it also get reflected in CMDB without the model getting published by us.

      •Does the count of models which are unpublished in Discovery impact any  metrics.  It will be helpful to understand if the above approach could be the right direction or what can be the pros and cons, before choosing the option.