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    Remedy login

    Alex Kim
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      We have a user having login issue due to certificate. So until he's cert gets fixed, trying to let user login with username/password. How do I do that?

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          Phillip Brockhaus

          If your user can get directly to the remedy login page, then you can do this.


          Just go to the user record for that user and set a password. If there is a password set, it overrides the external authentication.


          If you have it set up so that the user needs the cert to even get to the login page, you may have to wait until all the certificate work is done.

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            Alex Kim



            we are using rightstar's pkisso and this user got new cert and he's getting tls security error. so trying to help user login using username/password until cert problem gets fixed. currently user's account in user form shows no password so if I set password, it'll override pkisso authentication?

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              Phillip Brockhaus

              Generally speaking, that's how it works.


              Some implementations have weird caveats.


              Give that a try and see how it works.

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                LJ LongWing

                RSSO has a 'bypass url' that can be used to bypass RSSO, I don't know if your sso solution has something similar