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    Control-M Automation API Tutorial "Getting Error: There is no machine available for job execution"

    nils buer
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      Dear Community Support,

      I am new to Control-M. I am running the Automation API Tutorial.

      I am Getting an Error in the Automation API Tutorial part "- Running applications and programs in your environment"
      Error is "There is no machine available for job execution"
      link to the tutorial:

      What I have done:
      1. I have the workbench installed in a VM with IP:

      ( works fine will all other tutorials so far)


      2. I have provisioned a windows agent on the Server with IP:

      ctm provision install Agent.Windows


      3. I changed in the AutomationAPISampleFlow.json the runAs user ( and script path ..)

      changes in "AutomationAPISampleFlow.json":

              "RunAs" : "nils",
              "Host" : "",
      Note: "nils" is a local user on the windows server


      4. I ran the Flow:
      ctm run AutomationAPISampleFlow.json --interactive


      5. I get the error message: "There is no machine available for job execution"

      "SMART Folder AutomationAPISampleFlow Waiting Info:
      job CommandJob Waiting Info:
      There is no machine available for job execution"


      6. I checked that the agent is installed correct on the windows server:

      The ag_diag_comm shows the following output:

      2020-01-24 17:25:31

      Control-M/Agent communication Diagnostic Report

      Agent User Name                : nilsb: Administrator
      Agent Directory                : C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M Agent\Default\
      Agent Platform Architecture    : Windows-NT 6.2 (Build:9200)
      Agent Version                  :
      Agent Host Name                : DESKTOP-JB2M2KN
      Logical Agent Name             : DESKTOP-JB2M2KN
      Listen to Network Interface    : *ANY
      Server Host Name               :
      Authorized Servers Host Names  :|workbench
      Server-to-Agent Port Number    : 7021
      Agent-to-Server Port Number    : 7005
      Server-Agent Protocol Version  : 11
      Server-Agent Comm. Protocol    : TCP
      Server-Agent Connection mode   : Persistent
      Allow agent to init connection : Yes
      System ping to Server Platform : Succeeded
      Agent ping to Control-M/Server : Succeeded

      Agent processes status:
      Agent Router                   : Running
      Agent Listener                 : Running
      Agent Tracker                  : Running
      Agent Tracker-Worker           : Running (ATW000)

      Agent FileWatcher              : Not Running

      DNS Translation of Server      :
      Server Host Address #1 -
      --- End of Report ---