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    Error in tw_svc_eca_engine.log

    Alex Genstrom
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      I would like to understand how to troubleshoot the warnings/errors in tw_svc_eca_engine.log with regards to some (not all) JBoss Appservers.


      These hosts are basically some servers where we expect to have a JBoss Apperver that is hosting some Software Components. Somehow those are not being detected by the Discovery, and when I checked the logs - I found the above records that basically corresponds to the mentioned servers.

      JBoss Appserver itself has been detected and has the version 7.1.6



      Environment: BMC Discovery 11.3

      TKUs: Jan 2020 (latest)

      These servers are basically one few so far without any kind of Software Components detected, there are many more JBoss Appservers that has them, similar version. So how do I troubleshoot this errors? It has a reference to the line and column as well as specifies that "mismatched tag" - where exactly shall I look for it? If at the JBoss side - then this would be more logical, but I'm not much into JBoss, so how can I explain what XML has to be checked ?