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    Linux onside BCM is now Helix CM ?!

    Philipp Ernicke
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      I updated my BCM test environment on a linux server from 12.8.3 to 12.9.1.

      Now it is BMC Helix Client Management on all BCM logos within the console.


      My windows 12.9.1 environment is still not-helix.

      Does anyone else updated linux master to 12.9(.1) and can confirm this?


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          Fabien Carmagnolle



          I have a 12.9 patch 1 linux Master and I do not reproduce.


          But I noticed similar behavior when I run several consoles on both On Premise and Helix BCM Master : This must be an issue with system cache.


          For example if I first start Web Start Console on Helix Master, and then start a second Web Start Console on On Premise Master, Helix logo is displayed on second Console.