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    Smart Reporting Average per Week

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      We have an requirement where we need to calculate the total outage of week divided by 168(hrs in a week) that's the outage percentage



      For every outage Outage records will be created and outage will be calculated as difference between outage start date and outage end date



      Please let us know if have a way to achieve this in smart reporting



      weekoutage Recordtotal outage per weektotalavg



      Abhijeet Teli

      Mohammad Rehman


      Any help in this would be appreciated a usual.... :-)

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          Sinisa Mikor

          I presume you'll be pulling needed data (e.g. Actual Start Date, Actual End Date, and Actual Duration) from AST:CI Unavailability; would you count an outage which doesn't start and end within the same week as one outage stretching to next week, or as two adjacent ones?


          Are columns outage Record and total from your illustration mandatory?  The latter appears to display constant value, and it seems to me that the former only complicates display without providing meaningful data unless something else is added as well (e. g. CI subject to displayed outage).

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            Thanks for the reply...!


            It can be any form, for example say if we have only outage start date and outage end date fields on the form.


            outage time is calculated as the difference between outage start date and Outage end date.


            I want to get the count of outage hours per week as well as their percentage against total hours(168) in a weeks.


            For example I have few records like this   for the year 2020


            Outage Request ID     Outage Start Date               Outage End Date

            1                   1/1/2020 3:30 PM      1/21/2020 4:30 PM

            2                   1/3/2020 2:30 PM      1/3/2020 3:30 PM

            3                    1/10/2020 2:30 PM     1/10/2020 3:30 PM

            4                    1/18/2020 2:30 PM      1/18/2020 4:30 PM

            5                    1/19/2020 1:30 PM      1/19/2020 4:30 PM




            We are expecting a outage report for the year 2020


            Outage Week     Total Outage Per Week          Percentage of outage (Total Outage/168)

            1               2                              2/168

            2               1                              1/168

            3               5                              5/168



            This list should continue till all the weeks(52 0r 53)




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              Sinisa Mikor
              1. Start by calculating Outage Week using Pre-Defined function Week on Outage Start Date -- if you're using Freehand SQL formula type, enter WEEK(`<outage form>`.`Outage Start Date`)
              2. Calculate Total Outage Per Week as COUNT(`<outage form>`.`<outage ID>`)
              3. Define constant h/w as 168
              4. Add calculated fields from 1., 2., and 3. as columns (the last one may be hidden once report is prepared), and then once more add calculated field from 2.
              5. Apply advanced function Percentage Against Column to final column and select h/w as column to display percentage of.
              6. Once satisfied that everything is correct, hide third column (h/w).