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    Control-M client Dependency Software

    Surya prakash M
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      May I know if there is any dependency software to be installed while using Control-M client in Windows 7 or Windows 10?

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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi Surya,


          Asides from what's in the install guide I'm not aware of other required software.


          From the install guide it has these:

          Internet Explorer version 11

          Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.1


          DOC URL: Control-M Control-M Documentation - Control-M - BMC Documentation


          Other things that are useful when preparing the client package are:

          - Users have full permissions to

          C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\<install name>\usagetool folder

          (otherwise running the interactive Usage Utility doesn't work)


          - If you plan to use SSL, ensure the SSL CA is a trusted CA on the client PC

          (if it isn't so you can probably have the packaging team include the CA as part of the WLA GUI package deployment)


          - Updating communication.xml and adding the following:

          Under the line "<scope name="GeneralClientParameters">" make the following changes: (before the next "</ scope>)

          - Update the value of "EnvDetectionRequestTimout" from 4 to 2. Ex:<variable name="EnvDetectionRequestTimout" value="2" />

          - Add the line: <variable name="DefaultRequestTimout" value="120" />

          - Add the line: <variable name="SSORequestTimout" value="60" />

          This prevents timeouts which especially tend to occur over slow network connections like when users connect over VPN from home.


          - At one large site we found the GUI performance was much improved when it was configured to not use the local proxy settings.

          At that site, which was a global corporation with offices all over the world, the local proxy settings script had hundreds of lines and took 2-5 seconds to run.

          The WLA GUI was triggering it many times so user actions from GUI were slow.

          The fix was to disable WLA GUI from using the local proxy by:


          Add Line:

          <defaultProxy enabled="false" />


          To File name: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\<install name>\bin\emwa.exe.config


          It should be  below connectionMangement entry. Example:



            <defaultProxy enabled="false" />




          Hope this helps.




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