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    PK COM:Company

    Aaron Garcia
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      Hi guys;


      I've an answere from COM:Company and its PK. When I installed 18.08 versions to ARS, ITSM, SRM, etc.; in COM:Company the PK was Company (in the last versions of remedy too). When I tried in the old version to change the company name the system shows an similar error "You cannnot modify the company name" and I needed to use the Wizard.


      I upgrade the versions from 18.08 to 19.08 in ARS, ITSM, SRM, etc.; and I saw from COM:Company that PK is only the Instace Id and I can to change the company name without errors.


      My answere is: Is correct the PK in this from in this version and in the future if I want to change the company name without wizard (I'll change manually in others forms than CTM:People organization, CTM:Support Group, etc etc), any data could be corrupt?



      Best regards


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          Carl Wilson

          Hi Aaron,

          I am going to assume PK means "Primary Key".

          Data segregation is done at the Company level as you have noted (112: Row Level Access), where each Company has an associated entry in the "Group" form.

          The "Group ID" is what is set in field 112 to control the data access, not the actual Company name.


          Although you may be able to change the Company name directly in the Company form, if this does not update any related data you may end up with orphaned or "corrupt' data as you put it.


          I would always recommend using the Data Wizard as it updates all related data across the application and related data.