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    Propagate Events afterwards

    Markus Siegenthaler
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      Hi everyone,


      does someone has already a script/function in place or is there already a feature that I don't know where I would be able to select Events to propagate manually to other cells?


      The reason I would like to implement something like this is:

      during the weekend Remedy will be shutdown (maybe around 48 hours, so too long time for buffering Events in the cell) because of several upgrades. Because of that we will stopp our propagation of Events to the Service Modell Cells.

      The disadvantage is, that during this time all the Events will no more get to the Service Modell Cells and Autotickets are lost.

      Now the idea would be, that I could manually select those events (after Remedy is again enabled and propagate them to the Service Modell Cells and so the Tickets will be created and our Operation Teams have less work.


      Would be great if already someone has something like that in place and would like to share it.


      Thanks and have a great day



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          Philippe Plomteux



          You could e.g. make a copy of the “Trigger Remedy incident” MRL function – this function just does that : propagate an event to a destination you provide as argument.


          The code of that out-of-box action is in the file kb/bin/ibrsd_bem_actions.mrl




          You could create another action like this :




          action “Manually propagate to cell”:


          ["Destination cell":STRING($destination)] :


             EVENT ($EV) where




                          propagate_to($destination, $EV);


                          action_return(0, "");














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          Propagate Events afterwards



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            Steve Mundy

            Hi Markus,


            There is an out-of-box rule repropagate.mrl that can be used to propagate events to a destination cell or gateway.


            However, it will be all events not propagated to that destination so you may want to modify it to suit your particular needs such as non-closed critical events or something.


            You will need to first set the destination, which I assume for you will be IBRSD (the second value of the mcell.dir entry):


            msetrec -n <cell> -r REPROPAGATE -S dest -V IBRSD


            then trigger the rule:


            msend -n <cell> -a MC_CELL_CONTROL -b mc_tool_rule=repropagate


            The repropagate rule gets triggered automatically when TSIM connects to TSPS, so don't actually modify the out-of-box one, but instead use your own custom version.


            regards, Steve

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              Markus Siegenthaler

              Hi Philippe and Steve,


              thanks both a lot for the fast and helpfull answers, you are simply the best :-)


              Unfortunately I'm only able to mark one as correct answer, for this reason I don't mark it.


              Have a great day