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    On Event Closing it takes 30 Minutes to update the assigned Incident

    Stefan Telley
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      Hello Everybody,


      I've again a question about configuration. I have a problem with updating the assigned Incident from an Event. If I create or acknowledge the event it takes less than a minute to create or add a work log at the specific Incident. If I close the Event it only updates the Incidents at half to x.. Means.. If I close the Event at 2:17 PM , the Work Log about the closure is added in the Incident at 2:30 PM. If I close the Event at 1:40PM it will add the Work Log at 2:30 PM... Means always to the next half an hour.


      Do anybody of you having any idea why this happen? I do not have the issue on Production. I have it only on their Integration.


      All Rules, Policies are configured the same way...




      Yours Stefan