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    Remedyforce Mobile via SF Mobile -  attachments?

    AnneMarie Goyvaerts
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      The Self Service Mobile app supports attachments:

      • at creation: a client can log a ticket and add attachment
      • during the ticket life-cycle:
        • attachments can be opened
        • extra attachments can be added

      In our current Remedyforce Mobile setup, we have no access to attachments

      • the support engineer has no view on the presence of attachments
      • hence the support can not open attachments
      • the support engineer can not add attachments

      We do not seem to find any reference to attachments in the documentation of Remedyforce Mobile.

      Is this a missing feature or just something we missed in our setup ?  How can we make the so-needed attachments accessible to the support engineer 'on the road'


      Nikhil Deshpande