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    Queue Auto Assign to staff

    Gary Jackson
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      Right here goes I logged a call a couple of weeks ago which was half resolved but I thought I would post my full findings, and hopeful resolution


      I am trying to achieve the below:


      1. Incident created by end user emailing in this goes direct to the IT Unassigned queue (this is the default queue under incident Email settings)
      2. admin member of staff reviews incident and fills in Category,Impact,urgency and changes status to ACCEPTED
      3. I then have a suggested owners rule with the formula Queue = It_unassigned and status = ACCEPTED (Below)
        • this works absolutely fine
      4. next step is that i want to assign these automatically to staff member A,B,C
      5. in record assignment I have enabled queue and user assignment, and the assignment automation is started
      6. Auto assignment for incident has no selected status again see below
      7. under the configure section I have enabled 2 members for the IT First Line Support
        • users are assigned to the queue


      the problem is I cannot get Incidents to auto assign to the staff, i have had a couple work at the start but now they just sit in the IT First Line queue and don't assign


      any ideas greatly appreciated!