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    Work Order - Approval Process (Not attaching)

    Raghavendra Mudagallu
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      Hi All,


      There is a custom Work Order Approval Process setup in our Project Environment.


      Let me describe my requirement or issue that I am facing:

      On REQ submission system generates backend fulfillment work order ticket. This will be treated as a Parent WO and based on the parameter system will create the n number of Child WOs and the functionality is in filter guide for looping n times.

      Now I have filter created on WOI:WorkOrder form that should trigger the approval signature and put the Child WO on Waiting for Approval status.

      PFB snapshot:


      Even though run process command trigger for all n Child WOs but signature is getting attached to only the last Child WO but not to the others. Same filter responsible for all Child WOs.


      Attaching the server logs.


      Filter responsible to create approval record “XOM:SRM:WOI:WPCAccess_Approval” on Child WOs


      WO0000015329686 -> Parent WO

      WO0000015329686 -> Child WO 1 ($1$=WO0000014339708) – approvals not working

      WO0000015329687 -> Child WO 2 ($1$=WO0000014339709) – approvals working

      Application-Command Approval New-Details -s "WOI:WorkOrder" -e WO0000014339708 -t "Work Order - Ad Hoc"

      Application-Command Approval New-Details -s "WOI:WorkOrder" -e WO0000014339709 -t "Work Order - Ad Hoc"

      End of filter processing (phase 3) - CREATE on WOI:WorkOrder - WO0000014339708 (check logs from line numbers 42766 to 42777)

      End of filter processing (phase 3) - CREATE on WOI:WorkOrder - WO0000014339709 (check logs from line numbers 45704 to 45890)


      Tried like filter phasing override but didn't help out and unable to fix this issue.


      Any suggestions on fixing this please.