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    Migration Questions - Using the Migration Tool Multiple Times

    Ken Soszka
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      Regarding the use of the Track-It! migration tool, I have a couple of questions regarding using the tool multiple times and what you should or should not do in between migrations.


      The scenario would be someone wanting to migrate from 11.4 to 2020. They want to do an initial migration, and then allow tickets to continue to be added and edited in 11.4 while thay get 2020 configured the way that want it. Then, several days later, stop all use of 11.4 and do a second migration to bring in the newly created (since the first migration) tickets and/or assets to 2020, with the understanding that open tickets that were were migrated the first time will not be updated in an 2020 in any way, on the second migration.


      Below are statements from the documentation, and my questions in blue italics regarding the scenario above:


      Do not import technicians and requestors before data migration because this might cause conflicting user IDs or migration might fail.

      Best Practice: BMC recommends that you first perform migration and then use the Active Directory to import technicians and requestors.

      Q: Does this mean that Directory Importer should not be enabled in 2020 until after the second migration?


      If you plan to migrate tickets and assignments again in the future, ensure that you do not make changes to the configuration in Track-It! 11.4 and Track-It! 20xx.

      Q: What is the definition of configuration in the above context? If it means all configuration as I understand it, we wouldn't be able to get things configured the way they want in between migrations, and there would be no point in having two migrations.


      To ensure that the network linkages are migrated with the assets, you must migrate the Network Lookups before you migrate the Assets.

      Q: How do we migrate Network Lookups before we migrate the Assets?



      Thanks in advance!

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          Cris Coffey

          Hey Ken, I would say it is advisable not to run directory importer before the final migration. This could potentially cause issues with duplicate records during the final migration. The second question about making changes to the configuration is referring specifically to lookups in Track-It! 11 OR existing records in Track-It! 11. If you add more lookup values in 11 and then migrate again, it could cause duplicate errors if those lookup values are already in 20xx. Network lookups are automatically migrated with configuration so I am not sure how you could possibly not migrate that first. Configuration is the first option and must be migrated before you can migrate anything else. If you uncheck that you cant check the others from what I recall. The only thing that is safe to add to Track-It! 11 would be things like Help Desk Tickets, Change Requests and the like. Normal records that are not part of configuration or authentication. You can add other lookups and things to Track-It! 20xx before migrating again as long as you are careful not to add something in 20xx and also in 11 and cause a duplicate record situation.

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            TechServices ADRS

            Hello Cris,


            We initially installed ver 2019 before the EWS email feature was added and did a test migration with that version.  When ver 2020 became available I installed it and all the test data that was in ver 2019 was still there including requestors and technicians.  We are actively using ver 11 and so are continually adding users through directory importer however the migration keeps failing due to duplicate user records.  How do you suggest I handle this? 


            Thank You,

            Jan Moring


            Computer Services


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              Cris Coffey

              Sounds like you need a fresh 2020 install and migration. If you have a bunch of test data in the other system, it will likely cause you errors with duplicates. That said, read the error message carefully. You might have duplicate records in 11.4, which will give you errors no matter which version you upgrade to until you fix it in 11.4. Now we are planning a new migration tool for 2020 R2 due out this summer which will try to fix the duplicates in 11.4 as it migrates the data over. It isn’t a perfect process but it should be smoother than the current tool. You have the option to wait for that to try a formal upgrade as well.

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                TechServices ADRS

                When I installed 2020 it appeared to be a fresh version.  I went through 11.4 with a fine tooth comb earlier this week and looked at over 900 accounts so it's possible that I could have missed one.  Migration has failed twice due to duplicate key but on two different users.  I'll just keep an eye on it.  I guess deleting all the users from 2020 wouldn't work?

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                  Cris Coffey

                  If 2020 is a fresh install, there shouldn't be any users in it. If the migration is failing due to duplicates, it is either because you imported them using directory import into 2020 before doing the migration OR there are duplicate users, logins, etc. in 11.4. I would recommend a call to support. They can likely help you identify those dupes quicker with a SQL query or something and save you a lot of time. Even if they cannot do that, they can at least check the system over and confirm what the problem is and get you moving.