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    RSSO token to REST API auth

    Yuliya Melikhova
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      We have RSSO with AR System 9.1. Currently, for a project, I got a requirement to use REST API and make calls from a custom View (which points to a page on mid-tier) back to Remedy. I found this article: How to authenticate with RSSO and ASSO in REST API , with instructions to copy token and use it as an AuthString. While it is, indeed, works, I seemingly have no way to automatically pass it to the REST API and log the current user in (for a seamless expirience). A service account might have been a good alternative, but sadly, I cannot use it.


      My current flow is as follows:

      1) User goes to Remedy SSO Login page;

      2) User gets authenticated and lands on their HomePage (which is a Display-only form with a View field pointing to a web page on Mid-Tier);

      3) I pass $USER$ value and the RSSO sso_xxxxxxx(etc) token value to the page to start my service, call REST API login and get the JWT back.


      How can I pass the token? Is it possible? It's HttpOnly cookie, so I can't reach it by calling document.cookie.


      Thank you!