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    DWP Enhanced Catalog Credentials

    Brijesh Patel
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      Recent implementations of DWP Advanced (notably from 19.02 and on), it seems like the credentials on the Enhanced Catalog page have no correlation to what is actually available in DWP from the DWP catalog.

      Ie the System User and System User Password could be incorrect credentials, on Save you will be faced with an error to indicate that the authentication failed but settings have saved.

      This is not an issue as you can still log into DWP and see DWP Catalog items integrated. On speaking to BMC Support, I received the following explanation:

      "The Catalog URL has to be correct. If it is not right, then the Catalog selections does not work. I believe that the credentials are there only for manual verification to check if the connection is working fine. But, I can check with R&D to confirm this."


      I haven't heard anything else from BMC Support in this matter, has anyone had a similar or differing experience with the Enhanced Catalog credentials? If it's not using credentials from here, does anyone know where, if at all, credentials are referenced? I'm also not sure why the credentials are required when they are only for manual verification, and we could, in theory, bypass this step.