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    SCOM Integration to Truesight query?

    Deepak Karwal
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      Hi All, has anyone recently configured scom Events to truesight events conversion using msend?  Is the Seamless adapter still available that could be used with bppm? 

      I have been informed the bmc scom adapter only does event data and not the events.  Looking at scripting a powershell script to use the scom notification and msend, but thought to ask the forum for input on the best way.


      Thanks in advance

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          Bertrand Imbert



          We have scom integration with Truesight and we are using seamless adapter. The provider is now techdata.


          fyi we are using SCOM 2019 and Truesight 11.3.02

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            Deepak Karwal
            Hi Bertrand, thanks for your response.  Its very useful about the new name for the seemless adapter.
            Does techdata work well with events data like Unix logs/Event IDs or NON-Data parameter events in your environment?

            Did you have to get a separate license or was it included in the suite?


            I found this link about techdata.  Welcome any other links out there.

            BMC Marketplace


            Thanks in advance

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              Brendan Murray

              Hi Deepak,


              You have three options for sending SCOM events to TrueSight Operations Management:


              1. Use the Seamless Event Integration as Bertrand suggests. It is the easiest approach as it is a fully-supported product. However, there is a cost involved. It is not included in the suite. It is licensed separately, although you can purchase it through BMC. You should contact your BMC Account Manager for further details. I can't comment specifically on how well it handles Unix logs/Event IDs/Non-Data Parameters, however as long as the event is a SCOM alert, the integration should handle it. Also, the integration does allow you to customize how the SCOM event attributes are mapped to their TSOM equivalents.


              2. Use msend as you describe above.


              3. Use the TrueSight Infrastructure Management REST API to send SCOM events to TSOM. This has the advantage of operating over HTTP/HTTPS, which reduces the need for opening ports on any internal firewalls you may have. The REST approach requires a script to process the SCOM event and pass it to the API. If PowerShell is your preferred language, Chase Colvin, one of our more advanced TSOM users, has created a PowerShell module for the TSOM API that is available on BMC Communities. He provides a link to the complete PowerShell module on Github from his post.





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                Chase Colvin

                Hi Deepak,


                If you are PowerShell savvy, as Brendan mentioned, my module should be of some help. I've just completed adding all the help data to the module, complete with examples, so that should help show how you use it. If you need assistance or guidance on using it (should you choose to do so) please feel free to mention me directly here in this this thread, or on the PowerShell module for the TSOM API thread, and I'll be happy to offer what help I can. Also if there is something you'd like to see in the module don't be afraid to say so, and we can discuss the feasibility of implementing it.