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    Javascript error is thrown when user connection is switched to another midtier node during failover

    Bo Zhang
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      Dear all,


      It will be appreciated if anyone can shed any light on the following issue:


      There are two tomcat server setup in a cluster, and both sticky session (by using nginx in front of tomcats) and session replication are proved working. However, once one of tomcat nodes is down, even user connection is switched to another node successfully, it is found that a javascript error is thrown when user performs a search on a custom form.


      Refer to attached logs: workflow log and fiddler log are collected respectively from working (cluster is on) and issuing (failover happens) scenarios. The error is written in the workflow log:

      Alert: Caught exception - SyntaxError:


      expected property name, got ';'... AT:




      From fiddler log, it seems this error is thrown by the last call /arsys/Backchannel. I've contrasted the call between two fiddler logs, can only conclude when the error occurs, the returned data in response is much less than the working one.


      If the user logs out and logs back again, same error doesn't take place. It indicates the issue is still related to certain cache. But I can see the session is consistently adopted by the 2nd tomcat in fiddler log.


      Thanks and regards,