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    User can't change Title in Known Error Form in Knowledge Database

    Mateusz Gzowski
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      Remedy Version 9.1.07 OneIT


      A user can't properly create the Known Error entry in Knowledge Database. The problems are created when there is at least one image in any text field. With pure text, everything is being saved correctly. IWhile creating the entry, following errors are as follows




      Also, after submiting again there is an error regarding the fact that the entry has been successfully submitted. Even changing the title afterwards and leaving everything else as it was, causes the same error shown below to occur:



      The entry has been submitted without a title. While trying to get the title edited,, following error occurs:



      It is possible however to change the title by any other user. It is the only user which has reported the issue in the company. The issue occured in the middle of his work, about 9:30 AM, if that is a fact of any importance.