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    Opinion regarding modifying a pre-existing Active-link

    Sri Vardhan
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      I am modifying a pre-existing  AL(Active Link).


      In a form, there is one drop down(List of Asset) which holds 4 values. And, there is another Radio button holds Yes or No option.(Ex;- Submit - Yes or NO)


      One clicking on the radio  button "Yes", drop down is made invisible. Clicking on a GO button(button holds some list of AL) at the bottom, some operations are performed and desired output is obtained.


      Qualification of the Active Link was mentioned like, if no values in the drop down selected(any of the 4 options) is selected, then it will through an Error like "Please select asset".(attch:qualification)


      Now, I want to implement an action on the GO button. Implementation should be be like even though the List of Asset drop down in empty(no value selected) the AL should trigger if the Submit Radio button is set to "Yes" and clicked on the Go button.


      in the pre-build, qualification is mentioned as 'List Os Asset'=$NULL$. (I should include this qualification, i have no rights to remove the old qualification but I can modify by adding some extra qualification which gives me required output)


      Now, I want to add an extra qualification (or) implement a new if action here. such that, even the drop down is empty and if the Submit radio button is "Yes", then the GO button should work. And, Error message should not display


      I am stucked at this point. Please find the screenshots.