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    VIPs Report

    Mary Ngwenya
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      Can I create a report for VIPs?

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          Sinisa Mikor

          Could you be a bit more specific, please?  Which product are you using?  Do you wish to filter report based on VIP tag?

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            Mary Ngwenya

            I am using BMC Discovery and Remedy. I'm running into issues with duplicate endpoints for virtual IPs/load balancers? So I was thinking creating a report of just VIPs would help.

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              Sinisa Mikor

              It is possible to create report in AR System Report Console in Remedy (or more interactive one in Smart Reporting, if it is available) from BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement or more class-specific form, as long as you know how to recognize CIs you're interested in.  For starters, could moderator (Vishnu Nair, maybe?) move this discussion to CMDB or Discovery community where someone who had already faced similar problem is more likely to notice it?