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    Innovation Studio - Java Bean Expression Example

    Martin Loreck
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      Hello together,

      I started with Innovation Studio and I finished with the Lunch tutorial Module 1. Now I ask me how I can use the Java Bean Expression. In the documentation there are examples like

      ${view.components.<GUID>.379}  where I have to replace <GUID> with my specific GUID from the component.

      In my little case for experimenting I have done

      * create a record editor

      * the record ID = some static existing record

      * activated some text column to have a text field

      * switch to json for searching the GUID of the text field

      * create some button

      * add "Perform operation" action

           * component = ${view.components.ee5617e2-3e5d-4348-a64e-2e66accbd24f}        (I also tested other notations)

           * operation = "test value"

      * add "Refresh" for the record editor


      But nothing happens. I get an error in the "Perform operation" overview. I also tested with a Rich Text component in his expression. Same results with the red highlighted error



      My questions:

      * where can I use the Java Bean expression?

      * what I am doing wrong?

      * is it possible with Java Bean expression to use an Output from a process in my view in this way for further actions in my view?

      * is there any tutorial for Java Bean expressions?


      Thank you in advance


      Best regards