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    Intelligent Ticketing integration

    Mariusz Wrrr
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      Hello guys,

      In our environment we have configured IBRSD integration in order to create intelligent tickets in Remedy system. Integration is working and tickets are create for events. However we have two use case for this integration:


      Events generated by Truesight

      1.    Events which are create by TrueSight for example when some thresholds are exceeded then automatically INC is created in the Remedy and  it is expected. When the same event is closed, because threshold is not exceeded anymore, then also INC in the ITSM is closed  with status "Resolved". This is normal scenario for most cases and this is OK, but we have also third part tools which are propagate event into TrueSight.

      Events generated by 3rd part tool.


      2. When Event is come from 3rd part tool then event is appear in TrueSight and INC in Remedy is also created, but here is important thinks right now. We are not waiting when root cause of this event will be solved but this event after when INC is created by IBRSD should be closed by our Operators (human action) in order to allow receive another event from 3rd part tool(tool is not sending positive alerts). When Operator close event in Truesight then INC is also closed and this action is not expected in such case, INC should be keep in Assigned status or in pending.

      The main question is: how to keep same INC status or other but not resolved, for INC with custom class event which has been closed in Truesight by human.


      Any ideas how it can be handle from Truesight end?


      Thank you for support.