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    SLA Exceptions

    Paula Drew
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      We have SLA reporting by queue - has anyone put together an exception report, for example, showing an incident was already breached when assigned to a new queue? thanks for any help.

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          Matt Smith

          Hi Paula,


          It seems you might benefit from implementing OLAs (operational level agreements) in Remedyforce. OLAs are used to track individual teams' performance within the overall customer SLA. So, it might be that an SLA has breached, but the escalation team did their bit within their specific OLA. As an example:


          SLA: 5 days

          OLA A: 4 days for 1st line to do XYZ

          OLA B:  1 day for 2nd line to do XYZ


          If the ticket was reassigned to 2nd line after the 5 days, the SLA would breach. But if 2nd line did their action within 1 day, they wouldn't breach their OLA.


          BMC has an article explaining OLAs, SLAs and Underpinning Contracts: What is an Operational-Level Agreement? OLAs Explained – BMC Blogs


          The following article from the Remedyforce documentation provides details on how to create/manage agreements: Creating service agreements and targets - Documentation for BMC Remedyforce 20.15.01 - BMC Documentation


          Please let me know if you need any assistance in implementing - we offer managed support and projects globally for Remedyforce.


          Best regards,




          AiM Ltd.

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