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    Catalog request in Smart IT (row level access)

    Jerker Billberg
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      I have two questions to Catalog request search result, in Smart IT.


      When searching for Catalog request in Smart IT, in this example I searched for 1111

      I see the search result in the section: Request from Digital Workplace


      1. Is the search result in any way based on user permissions ( from AR / Catalog)  ?
      Or can anyone see any Catalog Request ?


      2. When I click on the link, to open the Request, I get the msg: Not found (print from 18.05. In 19.08 it states: Not found or you have no access).

         What permission is needed to display the Request, and in what application (AR/Catalog) ?



      My search finds the Request, part of it is also displayed, but I am not allowed to open it.

      Tested in Smart IT 18.05 & 19.08