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    Track-It 11.4 Solutions

    Trent Cox
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      I would like to know if it is possible to migrate Solutions from 11.4 to Track-It 2019 without migrating anything else with it?

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          Richard Rowe

          I believe this is possible, but like I would say. Always ensure that you put this in a test environment and test, test, test before implementing in a production environment.


          With this in mind, the following hasn't been tested, and if your solutions have attachments, then this would also have to be taken into account.


          When you use the Data Migration Tool, it will extract a number of files. There is a file called pentaho.xml, which is read in order to which pentaho scripts it executes.


          You'll note there are a number of entries of modules that reads values from the 11.4 tables and then write into the 20xx database tables.


          Each entry has a value against the Migrate condition of TRUE or FALSE which determines whether this particular area is skipped from the migration process.


          Therefore, anything that doesn't want to be migrated would have to have a value of FALSE.


          This is an example entry:








          I would anticipate, that you would need _TOPIC_ and _SOLUTION_ at the very least to bring in your 11.4 Knowledge Base Types (KBTYPES table) and Solutions (SOLUTION table).


          If you do have attachments, then this would need to be enabled, but also bear in mind that this would bring attachments for assets, purchases, work orders etcetera from the repository folder.


          As mentioned, this hasn't been tested and is theory, so I would strongly recommend a test server and to restore 11.4 in test (so you can test omitting attachments outside of solutions, if applicable) and then migrate into a test 20.xx.


          Again, please make sure you backup and test away from your production and live environment.



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            Trent Cox

            This did work I also hit true for topics and attachments but the attachments are not migrating with the solutions?

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              Richard Rowe

              Hi Trent


              Again, I haven't tested this but I suspect this could be to do with the additional configuration option in the xml file:












              The MigrationOption has a default value of 1, which I believe would only migrate attachments with open work orders.

              I would assume that 0 and 2 are the other options and hazard a guess if the MigrationOption value is 0, it may migrate all the attachments. Again if there are attachments assigned to work orders and you are not migrating tickets, then there is a possibility the migration may fall over.


              So again, please test.

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                Trent Cox

                This was also a correct answer the other have of my question

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                  Richard Rowe

                  Thanks for the update Trent. Glad that has worked for you.