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    Patrol event handle in BPPM 9.6

    Steve Robinson
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           Need to know where to find help and/or documentation on how to handle patrol events, mostly when there is a state change.

           When a patrol warning threshold is passed an event is created and sent to BPPM.  (This is occurring)

           Assume next that the alarm threshold is also passed a little later and an even it being sent to BPPM. (This is occurring)

           At this point both events are showing on the BPPM operator console, so I assume I need a correlation policy or rule here?   

           Then the issue changes from alarm back to warning and another even is generated.

           Then the warning no longer exists and an OK is sent.

           At the end of this I have all of these events showing on console.



           This is not a Truesight environment.


           Any assistance would be appreciated!