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    Installing 11.4 on new server and importing from 11.2

    Srinivas Kullakanda
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      Hello Friends,

      Here is our setup and requirement.

      Production server is: Windows 2008, Trackit 11.2, Sql Server 2008

      We have to upgrade Server to Windows 2012 and Trackit to 11.4 , Sql Server 2012.


      I created Windows 2012 App and DB servers, and Installed Trackit 11.4.

      I exported the data from production and when trying to import into the new server, it fails at version comparison.

      I changed the BackupSet.Properties file and overcame that error.

      Now I get 'Unable to decrypt password' error.


      1. Have you seen this error and if yes how did you overcome this.

      2. Can you point me to the Trackit 11.2 version, so I can install it and restore the database and then do an upgrade to 11.4.