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    We are going through our client management install, and I have a few machines getting a error that is not in any documentation.

    James Hennessey
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      The below error is what is in the install log.  I have rebuilt the package to run not silent and the error kills it before it even runs.  The error in the console is _errorcode_3221225496_  the tech doing the install can't seem to find anything so I thought I would try here. Thanks in advance.


      2020/01/09 19:07:43 MtxSfx   I   Executing command (mtxsetup.exe -log "WRA_BCM_Agent.log" -pkg-path files.zip -pkg-version -i -s -q -path "${ProgramFiles}\BMC Software\Client Management\Client" -svc-name "BMC Client Management Agent" -svc-start auto -x64-path x64 -cfg-path 55dc66ec-a3db-c029-544323-d742a932be -auth-path c482400b-dcf9-7121-8d2c4c-0344460dea -post-path 38220bec-3139-bd99-697921-bee35e48c4)

      2020/01/09 19:07:43 MtxSfx   ERR Failed to execute command (error code: 740)