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    Indexing issues post update - 11.2 to 11.4

    Heidi Farnham
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      Good day,


      We updated TrackIt to 11.4 last week in anticipation of migrating to Track-it 2019.


      After the update, searching was not working correctly.  I followed instructions I found to recreate the index (Stop TrackIt servers, clear SeachData folder, restart Trackit, watch index files grow).


      This appears to have resolved the search issue, despite the fact that the index files are smaller after the update than they were before the update.


      However, now when we run the Hours By Technican_Summary report, the numbers are not accurate.  The numbers that are seen in Open Work Orders view / hours column is significantly different.


      • Where shall I look to resolve this issue?
      • Is there a process that needs to be done to refresh all numbers, beyond reindexing?


      Thank you for any information you can provide!



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          Cris Coffey

          Indexing is not going to impact the time values in your reports so something else must be going on here. It is not uncommon for index files to be different sizes when rebuilt so I wouldnt be concerned about that. Based on the information here I cannot say for certain why you are seeing different values for the times in the new install. If you cannot figure it out, you may need to contact support for some assistance.