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    delete all folders

    oussama MAIZI
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      Hello Team,

      I wanted to delete all jobs and folders from a controlm server, I used deldef job, it allowed me to delete all jobs but I still find the folders, can you tell me how I can delete all folders at the same time?


      Thank you

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          Mark Francome

          In Tools, go to Planning and select Folders. From the displayed Folder Manager, select Folder tp be deleted and click Delete (and confirm). Note that some CM Admins will hold back the right to delete a folder (in this case you will see an error displayed).

          Also consider using the ctmsweep utility, it is a better way to manage large scale deletions.

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            oussama MAIZI

            hello mark,

            thank you for your answer, otherwise I misspoke, what I want is to delete the definitions of folders on the  Entreprise Manager , there is no command that can do that on the manager company like deldefjob?

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              Mark Francome

              There is no equivalent command for folders. If the ctmsweep is not what you need then the ctmpsm command (runs on the Control-M Server) can be run interactively or from the command line.

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                Mun Keong Lee

                Hi Oussama

                You can make use of the cli command on the EM server to delete folder. On Unix, you have to add the em prefix before typing cli.

                "em cli" will show you the usage of this command. For deleting folder, you can use:

                em cli -U <em user>  -P <password>  -H <em hostname> -FOLDER_DELETE <Control-M name> <folder name> Delete