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    Stopping On Do Actions

    Mike Landis
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      Discovered a unique issue.  We have a job a webservice job that 99% of the time will return a good RC. But it isn't really successful, so we have On Do Actions to look at the jobs Output and either set it to OK or NOT OK, depending on what is in the Output. 

      Here is the situation, last night the Output contained both good and bad indicators.  It has "Successfully" performed its function, but another line showed that there was wrong data returned -202/-203. So the job, Set itself to OK.  Sent its Out Conditions, and then set itself to NOT OK.

      Here are the actions, I highlighted the two actions that took place.



      Here is part log file showing the Actions that were taken


      Needless to say, we can't have this happening.  Does anyone have suggestions?

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          George Lau

          There are UP-DOWN arrows to organize On-Do statements to your desired sequence. Move the On-Do looking for "success" string further down, to be above On NOTOK statement, and see if it makes a difference.


          I believe BMC maintains there is no guarantee to process On-Do in the sequence as displayed but worth a try.

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            Mark Francome

            The current help (for specific statement output) says -


            If there is a match between the On statements and a statement set from the job’s log, the corresponding Do action statements are executed. Otherwise, Control‑M proceeds to the next statement set.


            As well as following George Lau's advice, could you consider making both the "good" and the "bad" results based on the Specific statement output?

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              Mun Keong Lee

              Hi Mike

              What George has mentioned is what I have doing all this while. All On-Do statements will be executed from top to bottom. I don't think it's random because that will defeat the purpose of having the Up-Down arrows. If multiple statements set the job status, the final outcome will be the last "Do Set to" action.



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                Mike Landis

                Thanks for the replies. 

                So far we have never experienced where they have to performed the functions in the order they are assigned, which is good.

                I don't think this is a "fixable" issue since if the on-do actions stopped before reaching the bottom there would be other issues if needed actions were not performed.

                In my situation the output contained two conflicting statements so both actions were performed.

                I talked with the developer and they said if it has Success it is successful so everything should be ok, he is digging deeper to make sure since the other codes are not considered successful

                *this is working with DuckCreek cloud,  not sure if anyone has worked with them, but they do not give access to what is happening in their environment, so I'm working pretty much blindly on trying to get job set up properly.

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