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    Auto Assign to Queue/Staff

    Gary Jackson
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      OK so as you can gather from my previous posts I am fairly new to remedy admin so please bear with me.


      Im trying to setup a simple auto assignment. our Incidents all come into a queue called 'IT Unassigned' what I now need to happen is below

      • our admin person assess the incident and assigns the basic info (catergory, priority, urgency etc.)
      • they also then set the status to 'ACCEPTED'
      • once the incident is set to ACCEPTED I would like it to assign the queue of IT FIRST LINE SUPPORT
      • Once it is in this queue, I then would like it to auto assign out to Staff member A, B, C etc.


      so what I have done is set up a Queue assignment rule (below) where STATUS = ACCEPTED and Queue = IT_Unassigned with Queue set to IT First Line Support

      I have also setup Staff auto assignment (and it is enabled and running)


      but when I go into a incident (on the IT_Unassigned queue) and set the status to ACCEPTED it takes the Queue out and auto assigned to Me when I am not in the assigned users above?


      if i get this to work will my auto assign work on the new queue  'IT First Line Support'


      many thanks for any help in advance