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    Issue with UCS devices monitoring.

    Sanket Taral
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      Hello Larry,



      I wish you a Happy new year 2020.



      I need your help to understand the Cisco UCS device monitoring in Entuity 17 P07.



      Currently, we have two UCS devices under Entuity monitoring, but none of them is showing information for CPU/Memory/Fan/Power supplies.



      As per the on-line doco, We can see this information on the UCS manager. concern device is managed using v2 and discovered as a managed host. The device type is shown as a UCS server device.



      Could you please suggest when things we need to check to resolve this UCS monitoring issue?



      Thanks and Regards,


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          Laurence Balon



          If you are not seeing the CPU and memory utilization then it is becuase of one of the following three reasons:


          1.     Device is not certified (Check inventory display and see if there is a green check mark in the Certified column for these two devices)

          2.     Vendor file is not looking in the correct area of the MIB

          3.     The MIB dump of the device does not contain the CPU and memory metrics.


          Regardless of the reasons above, I would recommend that you open a ticket with Support and provide snmpdumps from the two devices so the Support team can look at this. In the body of the ticket, let them know that you cannot see the CPU and memory performance metrics.



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            Sanket Taral

            Thanks, Larry for your comments.


            Both the devices are certified not sure still why it is not picking up details.


            Tried using MIB files as well but they are not providing table information to check this further.


            I will check this further. Thanks for your help.