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    Dashboard for Batch

    Bruce S
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      Hi Community,


      What Dashboard are you using to visualize the Control-M Data and for Application Monitoring? Like Splunk/ITRS?

      We are exploring some Dashboard vendors and I would like to get the insights from community about Dashboard tools/vendors you are using and happy with.

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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi Simon,


          At one site I've seen xTraction used for dashboard/reporting. It is user friendly and flexible, but you need to develop the rules of what data to extract and it needs direct DB access. Once its in xTraction you get nice dashboarding capabilities.


          At a few sites I've seen ITRS Geneos used. The app teams seem to like this tool. It allows them to combine Control-M data into other app data they use for monitoring. The latest Geneos uses Control-M AAPI to extract data which I think is a positive. (i.e. no need for direct DB access)


          VPMA, the company I work for (but this is not a sales pitch) offer an out of the box dashboard & historical reporting tool specifically for Control-M. (either as SaaS or on-premise) It has out of the box dashboards/reports and can also be easily customized for additional company specific requirements.




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            Robert Stinnett

            I have developed a lot of "R" Scripts that help us visualize data - not real-time dashboards per say, but R is great in my opinion for getting data out there and visualizing it.  I'll try to post some in a git repo to share!

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              Mark Francome

              Yes, I discovered R recently (and only for statistics pulled from survey data, nothing to do with Control-M) and can recommend it. I hadn't considered it for analysing Control-M, but if you don't need realtime results then it would be a cheap (free!) option.

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                Bruce S

                Thats Great Robert Stinnett. Looking forward to see those"R" Scripts.


                Basically, we have 2 requirements, 1 is for historical data and other 1 is for Real time - Application monitoring.