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    Remedy SSO Requires Login to TrueSight or Atrium prior to Discovery

    Jon Trotter
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      Please move this as necessary, I did not see a place to ask an SSO question in the Remedy area.


      We have Remedy SSO implemented and we are seeing that it is required to log into TrueSight in order to authenticate to the Discovery application. If a user logs out of TrueSight, they cannot navigate to the Discovery application and login, otherwise they will receive an error as if they have entered a username or password incorrectly. This is our configuration in Discovery. While it is just a guess, if there is a way to prevent this requirement to log into Discovery, thinking it may be something configurable here or from this end.



      The Remedy SSO tab is all green with no errors. If someone has a suggestion or can point us in the right direction, that would be appreciated.