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    Regarding ADDM scanner reboot issue

    Naveen Kumar N C
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      Hi Team,


      We have a standalone ADDM scanner. Recently it has been rebooted by VM team due to some maintenance activity.

      After reboot scanner did not come up and found in cluster manager logs as below.

      tail -f tw_svc_cluster_manager.log

      140155684296448: 2020-01-07 12:39:00,400: cluster_manager.clustermember: INFO: Member eb9ddb3463a21f691b9a88e1c7f5068a has recovered

      140155494070016: 2020-01-07 12:39:00,401: cluster_manager.clustermember: ERROR: ClusterMember Discovery_Appliance: remoteSyncFileDelete - failed after 3 retries: CORBA.TRANSIENT(omniORB.TRANSIENT_NoUsableProfile, CORBA.COMPLETED_NO)

      140155494070016: 2020-01-07 12:39:00,401: cluster_manager.clustermember: ERROR: Failed to push configuration to member eb9ddb3463a21f691b9a88e1c7f5068a: Failed to contact Discovery_Appliance after 3 attempts


      After performing init 6 as root it has come up.


      Now appliance seems normal and no any other info found from logs.


      Can someone assist what could be the cause of such error.



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