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    Ashish Kangaokar
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      Wonderful Day Dear Readers!


      Thank you for investing your precious time in reading my content.


      I have a question as why MSSQL is not used as a database component in TrueSight Capacity Optimization?, the supported databases are Oracle and PostgreSQL only.

      Also, TSIM (Patrol) has similar functionalities of TCO, why will someone buy TCO if they have TSIM already in their environment?


      Thank you in advance for your expert resolutions. and wish you all a very Happy NEW YEAR!

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          Arif Alibay

          Hi Ashish,

          I think  MS SQL  doesn't install  on Linux platform Operating System. That could be one of the reason that it's not supported on TSCO.


          TSIM is more monitoring oriented , real time monitoring with Events and data collection occurring every 2 minutes.

          TSCO is more Capacity optimization and prediction and less focused on Events and real time monitoring .


          See bellow screen shots  Storage Systems with data collected with Sentry Storage KMs (TSIM) and Sentry Storage ETLs (TSCO ) both presented in TSPS



          Events monitoring from TSPS, data and  events from TSIM

          events real time operations


          TSIM Devices in TSPS

          Storage Devices (from TSIM with associated Events) presented in TSPS



          TSCO storage systems presented in TSPS


          A HP3PAR SAN storage Capacity Optimization view from TSCO presented in TSPS


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            Mike West



            Oracle and PostgreSQL are the only database platforms we support for the TSCO database at this time.  There are no current plans to add MSSQL as part of the reference database architecture.




            Michael D. West

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              Ashish Kangaokar

              Thank you Mike!


              Yes I am aware of it that TSCO has only Oracle and PostgreSQL database support, my question is why MSSQL is not supported as clients may have MSSQL installed on their windows server and they might want us to connect this existing MSSQL DB to our TSCO instead of postgreSQL or Oracle.



              Thanks in advance for your reply again.

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                Maria Riccelli

                Hi Ashish,

                Happy New Year!

                I think this is more a PM related question with no right answer but simply related to the strategy path that was taken.

                Dennis Newberry  - feel free to add your comments here.