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    PowerShell Module for TSOM API

    Chase Colvin
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      Hi all,


      I've been working on building out tools and custom integrations for my company's TSOM infrastructure. Over the course of doing this, I've been building this module to simplify working with the TSOM API(s). I've just now uploaded it to GitHub. It is far from complete, requires refactoring in some areas, and is lacking in documentation, manifest, etc.... (All things I plan to work on over time) But I figure that I'm not the only person that could get some real benefit out of this.


      Please feel welcome to offer some suggestions, notify me of issues, or contribute! I hope this can help many other admins like myself out there squeeze more benefit out of TSOM.


      Good luck, all!



      GitHub - ChaseAColvin/TrueSight-Operations-Management-API-PowerShell-Module: This is a PowerShell module designed to mak…


      P.S.: I'm relatively new to using GitHub/git in general, so please forgive me if anything defies convention in addition to the things I've already called out.


      UPDATE: I've overhauled the examples file, adding explanations. Also did some refactoring, set some common sense defaults for certain parameters, etc. Another big change, I've set each function to only return the TrueSight specific data contained within the response from the API. However, if you need the full response you can now call a function with the 'FullResponse' parameter, and you will get the entirety of the payload returned from the API. More to come!


      UPDATE 2: I've finished the help data for all existing functions, as well as added the ability to send events. (I actually had thought this was already in there, but it only existed in a one-off script I had built.) There is still a TON to add. So if anyone has requests, feel free to call it out here, or on the github page, and I'll prioritize those.


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