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    Un-validated Status in People Permission Group Form

    Ganesamoorthi M
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      Hello All,


      I've created the BAO workflow to insert the value to CTM:LoadPeoplePermissionGroups form. But I could see that the values are getting added with 'Unvalidated status. In my workflow I've add the below fields in LoadPeoplePermission groupForm.








                  <field name="Remedy Login ID"><![CDATA[Ganesh]]></field>

                  <field name="Permission Group"><![CDATA[Activity User]]></field>

                  <field name="viaTIL License Type"><![CDATA[Not Applicable]]></field>

                  <field name="Permission Group Type"><![CDATA[1]]></field>








      Even I hardcoded the value in  <field name="z1D Action"><![CDATA[VALIDATE]]></field> but it didn't help me. Can anyone help me on this issue.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Carl Wilson

          Hi Ganesamoorthi,

          The "Load" forms in Remedy are used with the DMT functionality, therefore by default they will be loaded as "unvalidated".  The DMT then triggers the associated Remedy workflow that performs the validation and promotion of the record.


          To move the records forward from processing in Remedy (if using the associated "Load" forms), you need to run a secondary process that sets the "z1D Action" keyword to one of the following options:


          • VALIDATE
          • VALIDATELOAD


          The "VALIADTELOAD" will run the Remedy workflow that validates the the record (and will stop processing if validation fails), then pushes this into the "CTM:People" form and triggers additional workflow to create the People record.

          The first option will just validate the record, then you can process accordingly.


          You can from there process any errors thrown from the Validation accordingly.




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