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    Unable to fetch Change Request values

    Sujay Sanglikar
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      Hello Team,


      I am working on an Automation use case in which one process involves creating a change request. I have used Autopilot-OA-Change_Management:Create Changes to go ahead and create a Change.


      As I am able to successfully create a Change Request, after all the required mappings are being provided, some of the required parameters and not getting entered, such as Release Information.


      Even though, I can see that the required values are getting passed through the corresponding context items.


      Kindly enlighten me if there are any other changes required to be made.



      Sujay Sanglikar

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          Henrik Hauchwitz

          Hey Sujay,


          From personal experience, some of the parameters available to a Change conept item aren't mapped to their corresponding remedy parameters ootb.
          If you look at the Module Configuration for Autopilot-OA-Change_Management under BMC_AR_System you'll find a node called "Create_Mappings".


          This is the refference for this module on how the parameters within AO correspond to remedy values.

          It contains mappings for the most common values but by no means all of them. I did a quick check on our environment and couldn't find a mapping for release information, so you'll have to add it yourself.


          We did something similiar for Incident mappings, adding a few values.
          This is rather easy though. You just extend the create mappings with nodes for the values you want to provide.


          These nodes follow a scheme like this:
          <[parameter name within ao] type="[type of information(eg. int, string)]" version="default">[parameter name within remedy]</[parameter name within ao]>


          Best regards,

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            Sujay Sanglikar

            Thanks for the reply Henrik.


            As you mentioned, I did check in the Create Mappings.


            There are mappings present for the release information in the following format.


            <release-name type="string" version="default">Release Name</release-name>

            <release-packageid type="string" version="default">Release Package ID</release-packageid>


            But still, when I'm doing a run in debug mode, I could see those values in the context items, but at the same time it's not getting added in the Release Information tab at the end in the Change Request created.



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              Aryan Anantwar

              Hi Sujay,


              Check the adapter request which is creating the Change Request.

              Debug it step by step, possibly the values are not getting added into final adapter request XML.



              Aryan Anantwar